Is it time to approach your communications from a new angle?
Are you looking for a new strategy, a clever concept or professional support to implement it? Are you in a change process that is critical to success?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

I have a strong foundation of communications expertise that I have gained throughout many years of consulting and editorial work as well as extensive corporate projects.

My focus is on Internal Communications, particularly as part of change processes.

I stand for integrated communication from a single source:
From providing a thorough analysis of your communication needs to developing content that matches your target group – you can count on me to convert the results into creative action.

Whether you’re looking for a sparring partner, project-related consulting or longer-term communications support, let's talk about it.


The values of an organization are measured by the people who work for it: They are the ones who make the difference.
By using consulting and communication as tools, I help companies become places where everyone can develop their potential and create value through effective collaboration.

Culture is key here. Companies that invest in their culture are demonstrably more successful in the market than those who do not. 
Teams that align their actions towards a common goal and perceive it as meaningful are more motivated and work more effectively.

Good communication is the driving force to success, because it creates bonds among people, between employees and their company and to the overall goals.